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Our work spans from campaign and project management to digital ad-buys and media production.  We thoroughly believe in looking at our client's needs from a holistic perspective. If we don't do it, we know who does and will oversee the work to make sure it is all done well.

Political Campaigns

Field | Training | Communications |

Finance | Digital | Strategy

Our political campaign department covers all your needs, from getting your name on the ballot to Election night returns. We have particular expertise in developing and executing field programs, training and managing top-tier organizers, and utilizing the power of digital organizing and advertisement to take candidates over the top. 


Project Management

Large scale initiatives can be difficult when you already have so many competing interests. We work with nonprofit organizations and social groups, including churches and unions, to help plan, manage and execute projects of all sizes. Our team has particular expertise in working with churches, immigration advocates, and educational nonprofits.

Other Services

Want to make sure that your team is functioning to its highest capacity? See issues but can't put your finger on exactly what they are? We can come in and do a "health check" of your organization, making specific recommendations on how to improve performance and raise morale.

​Let the diversity of our team's experience help you with all your organizational needs, including:

  • Research 

  • Messaging

  • Strategic Planning

Services: Services
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